Car jammers strike at Equinox Mall

A Jeffreys Bay woman fell victim to possible car-jammers at Equinox Mall in Jeffreys Bay at around 12:00 on Friday, August 18.

According to the victim, she went to Equinox Mall on Friday after picking up her son’s school bag from school to buy a few necessities.

Upon returning to her vehicle, a white Toyota Fortuner, all the valuables were removed.

“I am 100% sure that I locked my car,” she says.

In the CCTV footage of the incident, the victim is seen parking her car at the shopping centre and walking inside. Shortly afterwards, a white Opel Kadet parks close to her car.

Within seconds two suspects are seen getting out, opening the victim’s car door and removing all the valuables – including a school bag and horse riding gear.

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Nonchalantly the burglars return to their vehicle before driving off.

“I think they might have been following me,” says the victim.

“It appears as if Toyota Fortuners are on the burglars’ shopping list. Just a few weeks earlier, my friend’s laptop was stolen from her Fortuner in front of the post office in Jeffreys Bay.”

Source: Kouga Express