Makhosi Khoza stands against corruption

Makhosi Khoza won’t join the DA nor the EFF but will remain a thorn in the flesh of the ANC.

Khoza, who broke ranks with the ANC and voted in favour of the motion of no confidence in Jacob Zuma, said that she is not capturable nor corruptible.

In a statement, Khoza said that under apartheid she was detained without trial at age 14 for following her moral conscience.

“The South African constitution of 1996 is on my side but not the ANC.

I fought apartheid and I will fight corruption because both are enemies of my people.

They are equally responsible for unemployment, poverty, destruction of moral fiber and are the root cause of the pain and suffering of my people,” said Khoza.

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She also queried whether the ANC is salvageable or not.

“I have to confront the reality that the ANC is in the Moral Intensive Care Unit.

It is clinically dead, only a miracle could rescue it.

Is it time to pull off the plug, kiss goodbye? I wonder. If it survives, will it return to its former glory?” said Khoza.