Kouga Municipality continues to combat illegal dumping

KOUGA Municipality has increased its efforts to fight illegal dumping and keep communities clean by acquiring 20 new skip bins.

The 6m² containers, worth R348 840 in total, will be distributed to hot spots for illegal dumping.

Social Services Portfolio Councillor Daniel Benson says the distribution of the skip bins would be followed by an awareness campaign, run by the municipality’s Solid Waste and Cleansing and Parks sections.

“The campaign will help to empower residents to contribute to the cleanliness of their communities. Small things can make a big difference; for example, we would like to caution adults not to send children to go and dispose of waste at skip bins.

Youngsters cannot always reach the mouth of the container and then simply dump the contents next to the bin,” he says.

Benson added that the arrival of the skip bins did not mean that other measures to keep areas clean, such as refuse collection on scheduled days, would be done away with.

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“We are intensifying our war against waste so as to ensure that all of Kouga’s people live, work and play in clean and healthy environments,” says Benson.

He also asked communities to be aware of the following:

No fires must be made inside the skip bins, even if it is to burn waste;
Only the municipality has the right to remove or clean the skip bins;
Waste must be disposed of inside the bin, not next to it; and
Children should be warned against playing in skip bins.

To report illegal dumping, contact Kouga’s Solid Waste section on 042 200 8335 or the Cleansing and Parks section on 042 200 8381.

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