Ludi Du Toit wins Loggers Classic at Lower Point

This year the JBay Winterfest inaugurated a brand new event, being the JBay Loggers Classic, held at Lower Point over the weekend.

A logging competition has a few rules, which make it differ from normal longboarding surf contests. They are:

• The boards needs to be a minimum length of 9’2, with most surfers actually riding boards between 9’4 and 9’6.

• The boards need to be a minimum of 6kg in weight. They also need to be purpose-built single fins, with the one fin either glassed or in a box, but there is no allowance for side boxes.

• There is a general no interference rule, as well as a general rule of no hassling or dropping in. The logging ideology is more about sharing and having fun than being overly competitive.

The tournament enjoyed very good surfing conditions the entire weekend, coupled with great weather, some live music on the beach, and excellent surfing performances.


Men’s Amateur

1. Greg Smith

2. Chris Heath

3. Karel Olivier

4. Lyle Watson

Ladies Open

1. Rachel Tilly

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2. Alexandra Florence

3. Shannon Hughes

4. Caitlin Moir

Men’s Pro

1. Ludi Du Toit

2. Michael Hill

3. Steve Sawyer

4. Tristan Lev

Women’s Noserider Of The Contest: Lucy Small

Men’s Noserider Of The Contest: Mike Grendon

Turtle Morris Memorial Trophy / Interclub Contest Winners: Loggers Union

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