Longmore fire caused evacuations and destroys property

The huge fire that has been raging in the Longmore forest near Thornhill is still not under control but fortunately there has been no loss of life.

About 250 people had to be evacuated after the fire destroyed a sawmill in the area as well as a protea farm.

The evacuees have been housed in the Thornhill community hall while 150 fire fighters have been battling the massive fire which spread to the Rocklands area.

There is concern that the wind will change direction today and cause the fire to possibly turn back towards Longmore.

Donations for the people who had to be evacuated have been pouring in as the residents of Kouga and surrounding towns opened their hearts to the plight of the evacuees.

Kouga Mayor Elza van Lingen has thanked everyone for the donations that came in to assist families from Longmore who had to be evacuated to the Thornhill community hall because of the fires.

The current need is for: milk, bread, soup, tin food, cold drinks, mattresses, water, eye drops and refreshments for firefighters.

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Donations can be dropped off with the security desk at Kouga Municipality’s head office at 33 Da Gama Road, Jeffreys Bay. The municipality will arrange for donations to be transported to Thornhill.

Kouga Municipality has set up a special bank account for this purpose.

Cash payments can be made electronically or at the Municipal cashiers.

The bank details are as follows:

Kouga Municipality
FNB Jeffreys Bay branch code 210515
Cheque Account Nr 62082103591
Reference: DonationYourName

All photos by Dirk Erasmus

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