JBU Supertrail set to run on Wednesday

The 11-day waiting period for the 2017 edition of the JBU Supertrial has officially opened, and all eyes are on the swell forecasts for the next few days.

The JBU Supertrial is one of the most important and lucrative events on the domestic scene, with first place in the tournament being a coveted Wild Card entry into the Corona Open JBay Championship Tour contest.

“There is a bit of activity this weekend, but it seems to be coming in very fast, and leaving just as fast,” said www.wavescape.co.za surf forecaster Spike.

“It looks like the window of opportunity for this swell is quite small. There is, however, another interesting looking storm bringing a fresh swell that is due to make landfall early the following Wednesday morning, and although it is quite far away still, this will be the day we will be monitoring closely for an opportunity to run the contest.”

This year this tournament is all about the younger surfers hoping to break out into professional surfing and get onto the championship tour, so the competition has a nice mix of red-hot up-and-comers along with a few JBay stalwarts and past winners.

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The invited surfers in no particular order are:

Shane Sykes, Jordy Maree, Dale Staples, Adin Masencamp, Matt Bromley, defending champion Steven Sawyer, Mikey February, Matt McGillivray, Joshe Faulkner, Beyrick De Vries, Davey van Zyl and Dylan Lightfoot.

Both Sawyer and Lightfoot are previous winners of the JBU Supertrial and will be keen to win again in their back garden.

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