Spate of shark attacks around the world

A number of shark attacks, resulting in the deaths of young surfers in Australia and Reunion Island, have been recorded all across the world.

Beaches have been closed in San Clemente, America following shark activity that has been described as “nothing we’ve seen before” by local lifeguard Bill Humphreys.

There has been shark sightings all along the coast and some of the sharks were described as being aggressive.

The first in the spate of shark attacks took place in Australia when a young girl died after being bitten near Esperance in South Australia. She had been surfing with her father when the fatal incident took place.

A week later a woman was attacked near Lower Trestles in America and a young surfer was killed by a shark on Reunion Island.

South Africa was not spared from this unusual string of shark attacks and a youngster was bitten when surfing at Keurbooms in Plettenberg Bay.

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The NSRI had warned ocean users of increased shark activity along the Pletternberg Bay coastline prior to the attack.

Great White sharks do tend to come closer inshore at this time of the year, leading to the increased risk of interaction with humans.

Most of the sharks that have been spotted tend to be in the 2 – 3 m and are juvenile Great White Sharks.

The attacks are probably just exploratory bites, which can lead to devastating consequences.

On Reunion Island, it is believed that Bull Sharks are generally responsible for attacks with 21 being recorded since 2011, nine of which have been fatal.