Surfer killed in Australian shark attack

A teenage girl has died after a shark attack near Esperance in South Australia today, reports the Sydney Morning Herald.

The 17-year-old is believed to have been unconscious when she was pulled from the water after the attack occurred at Kelp Beds, approximately three kilometres east of Wylie Bay, Esperance.

The teenager had been surfing at the spot with her father, when the attack occurred shortly before 4pm.

Esperance Police together with St John’s Ambulance and Esperance Marine Rescue, rushed to the scene where they treated the young girl on the beach.

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She was since taken to Esperance Hospital in a critical condition, but has subsequently died.

The attack is just east of Wylie Bay, the location in which Sean Pollard was attacked by two great white sharks in October 2014. The Bunbury local lost his left arm and right hand in the attack.

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