South Africa’s wine production drops by 6 %

Drought impacted upon South Africa’s wine production, causing a 6 % decline in volume said the International Organisation of Vine and Wine (OIV) said at a news conference in Paris.

World wine output dropped in 2016, with volumes in France and Argentina seeing the largest declines.

Bad weather in many regions was behind the 3.2 % fall in global production to 267 million hectolitres (mhl) from 276 million in 2015.

However, several countries increased output, with the United States leading with a 10 % increase on 2015 production. Australia followed with an increase of 9 percent, and Spain managed to boost its total output by 4 percent.

Italy remains the world’s largest producer of wine, with 50.9m hL flowing from its wineries in 2016, comfortably ahead of France (43.5m hL), Spain (39.3m hL) and the US (23.9m hL).

The big losers were Argentina and Chile, who saw falls in production of 29 and 21 percent, respectively.

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French production fell 7 percent and South Africa’s by 6 percent.

In the minor wine-producing countries, Brazil’s production fell an astonishing 55 percent, while Hungary saw a drop of 38 percent.

Much of the global drop-off was down to adverse weather conditions.

The report also predicted a slight rise in consumption for 2016, to 242m hL, which would be the highest level since 2013, but still well below the historic highs of 2007/08, when consumption hit the 250m hL mark.