Tourist drowns at Cape St Francis

A 58 year old German tourist drowned yesterday afternoon at the beach known as Ducks, near the Cape St Francis resort.

The St Francis Bay NSRI joined staff of the Cape St Francis Resort, bystanders and surfers searching in the water for the tourist who went missing in the surf after being swept out to sea by strong rip currents.

It appears that a group of tourists from a tour group had gone into the surf where some were wading in shallow water but one man had gone in deeper where, according to eye-witnesses, he had been swept out to sea by strong rip currents before disappearing under water.

The swimmers who had been wading in shallow water were all able to get out of the surf.

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Despite an extensive sea and shoreline search, including rescue swimmers deployed into the surf to free dive search, in extremely strong rip currents, no sign of the man has been found and the South African Police were called to open an investigation and to continue an ongoing search operation.

(Photo: Clive Wright)