Over eight million people killed by cancer every year: WHO

The World Health Organisation has revealed that close to nine million people die of cancer each year. These people are mostly in low and middle income countries.

The WHO says the biggest challenge is that cancer is diagnosed too late when it’s harder to successfully treat.

This comes as the world commemorates World Cancer Day.

Doctor Etienne Krug, the Director of the WHO’s Non-Communicable Diseases department, has released new statistics on cancer globally.

The number of people dying from cancer has increased to 8.8 million per year, three years ago it was 8.2 million.

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Today almost 1 in 6 deaths globally are cancer related.

It’s actually the second leading cause of death globally after cardiovascular disease.

The most common cancers in South Africa are breast and cervical cancer in women, prostate cancer in men and lung cancer in both sexes.

Truewan Jan 2017

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