Businessman arrested for Rhino poaching

A 55 year old businessman has been arrested on a farm in Lephalale for illegal hunting of specially protected wild animals.

The police were following up information that seven Rhinos had been killed and dehorned on a farm during November last year.

It is alleged that the Rhinos were transported in trucks to the farm where the animals were slaughtered. The origin of these rhinos is still being investigated.

The police pounced on the said farm after obtaining a search warrant and discovered seven rhino tails, eight portions of lower legs and meat; all packed in a cold storage room. Rhino hides were also found.

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A follow up is being made upon information that a helicopter was seen loading the horns and taking off from the said farm.

More arrests are expected. The suspect will appear in Lephalale Magistrate’s Court today.

Truewan Jan 2017

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