JBay Traffic cops rescue tourists

FOUR Kouga Municipality traffic officers went an extra mile in their duties of ensuring road safety when they helped two stranded motorists who had run out of fuel in Jeffreys Bay last week.

The incident took place on the Aston Bay Road on Thursday afternoon when officers Janine Koert, Malvern Maclean, Solomzi Jacobs and Nombulelo Mange were conducting their standard patrols.

Jacobs said they drove past two women on foot, walking towards town on the stretch between Tokyo Sexwale Stadium and Ocean View and they noticed that something was not quite right.

“They looked very nervous, with one lady frantically clutching onto her handbag and they kept on looking over their shoulders.

We then turned around and inquired if there was a problem and they seemed pleased to see law enforcement people and told us their car had stopped after running out of petrol,” he said.

“It was so stressful, as it is the first time ever it happened to us. We had no idea what to do,” says Brenda Thomson (40), from Johannesburg.

The traffic officers then offered to go and buy petrol for the vehicle, an offer that was welcomed with open arms.

Jacobs said the two women were ever so grateful for the help they received and the officers were pleased at the opportunity of building mutual trust with residents.

“People need to know that we are not all about issuing fines – though we take a no nonsense approach to road transgressions – but we deal with road safety in a comprehensive manner,” he said.

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Thomson says, “They were so friendly and helpful and made us feel at ease. They are such an asset to the community and a breath of fresh air.

Their caring attitude is an unbelievable testimony to what makes Jeffreys Bay a great place, and any citizen here should feel privileged to be a resident.”

Mayor Elza Van Lingen said she was extremely proud of the traffic officials who helped the residents.

“We are committed to a Municipality that cares about the community and our traffic officials are leading the way in how we treat our residents.

Together, we will make Kouga a place that everyone can be proud of, where people want to live and work,” said Van Lingen.

Source: Kouga Express

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