Jeffreys Bay back on track as a premier holiday destination

The newly elected Council of the Kouga Municipality has been complimented by holidaymakers who have said that they have noticed a difference in the short time the DA has been in control.

One holidaymaker, who has been coming to the Jeffreys Bay Caravan Park for the past 35 years, remarked that the Park has never been this secure (the Municipality employed 6 security guards) and hasnt been this clean in many years.

“The peak season was always going to be critical when we took over in August 2016 and the new Mayoral Committee worked closely with the officials to make sure Kouga Municipality was as prepared as possible for the influx of people,” said Mayor Elza Van Lingen.

“We identified shortcomings in equipment (mainly vehicles) and manpower and moved to address these shortcomings by hiring additional vehicles and hiring seasonal staff to make sure we delivered services during the season.

Thousands of potholes were repaired in the buildup to December, roads signage was painted, light bulbs were replaced and public open spaces were neatened up during October and November.

All the hard work of our officials paid off, and we have received numerous compliments from our holidaymakers who said that they could see a difference, when compared to 2015.

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Of course there were going to be problems and our game plan was to react quickly when a problem occurred and to sort it out timeously.

Water pipes did burst, there were sewage spills and we did lose power from time to time.

However, our staff worked extremely hard throughout the season and ensured that the Municipality delivered services that will see holidaymakers return in 2017.

I would personally like to thank each and every employee of Kouga Municipality who worked tirelessly over the festive season for all their efforts and commitment,” added Van Lingen.

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