Residents to vote for a Special Rating Area

THE St Francis Bay Property Owners Association (SFPO) has urged residents to vote for the establishment of a Special Rating Area (SRA) that will see the introduction of a special levy, in addition to municipal rates already being paid, to supplement basic municipal services in the area.

The SRA levy will be used for road maintenance, the cleaning of stormwater drains and the repair thereof, sewage system upgrades, river and spit dredging and the prevention of beach erosion.

The proposed special levy will amount to an additional 0.3% of assessed property values per annum or 3% over 10 years.

Current rates are 0.6% of property values annually.

Ratepayers will pay the SRA levy, which will be itemised on their monthly municipal account, directly to the Kouga Municipality.

The municipality will then pay the specific amount over to the St Francis Property Owners Non-Profit Company (SFPO NPC). This company was established to collect and manage donations, and to manage Phase 1 of the spit and beach repair projects.

According to the SFPO, the SRA levy will allow St Francis Bay property owners to increase their contribution to the cost of running the town’s infrastructure.

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“The SRA route is the most viable way of spreading the financial load to rehabilitate the river, beach and town and enhance our property values,” says Richard Arderne from Pam Golding in St Francis Bay.

According to Ardene, there are about 2 150 properties in St Francis Bay – excluding private estates. “A 50% plus one vote is required for approval. So, 1 076 votes are required. Currently there are 220 Yes and 54 No votes – so there is a long way to go.”

The form can be downloaded at https://stfrancispropertyowners.co.za/saving-st-francis/sra-levy/ and must be sent to [email protected]

Source: Kouga Express

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