Disaster averted in St Francis Bay

A fire can perilously close to burning down a farmhouse as well as the main electrical line that supplies St Francis Bay with power.

The incident occurred when Eskom electricians worked on the power line and shortly thereafter the farm owners heard a mini explosion and noticed a fire had started under the power line.

Fanned by a gusting wind, the flames moved quickly through the dry bush towards the farmhouse.

The Kouga Fire Department were alerted and were quick to respond and arrive on the scene.

It was ascertained that more fire fighters were needed and they were dispatched to the farm which is situated close to the Kromme River, where neighbours from surrounding farms helped fight the fire.

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By late yesterday afternoon, the fire was under control, with flare ups being extinguished by the property owners and their friends.

“I would like to thank the Kouga Fire Department, as well as our officials who ensured a rapid response to the incident,” said Kouga Mayor Elza Van Lingen.

“A farmhouse was saved, with the flames literally reaching to within meters of the building, while the main power line that supplies St Francis Bay with electricity was also saved from destruction,” added Van Lingen.


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