Carnage on South African roads continues

Six more people have reportedly succumbed to their injuries following Friday’s horror accident on the road between Sterkspruit in the Eastern Cape and Zastron in the Free State.

This brings the number of people killed in the collision between a mini-bus taxi and a bakkie to 16.

Many children were among the dead who were burnt beyond recognition.

According to Emergency Medical Services spokesperson, Tammy Warwick, two more passengers from the taxi died, while four more occupants of the bakkies also passed away in the past 24 hours.

According to Warwick five people remain in critical condition in hospital.

“There are some children and some adults that burned in the tax. We couldn’t really distinguish who were the children and who were the adults. What forensics said yesterday was that they were going to take DNA samples from each of the victims to determine who they are,” Warwick said.

Free State Health MEC, Butana Kompela and Head of Department, David Motau, expressed their shock at this horrific accident.

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The MEC has also sent his condolences to the families of the deceased.

Eastern Cape Provincial Traffic Authorities said the mini-bus was travelling from Johannesburg to the Eastern Cape.

(Image credit: Arrive Alive)

Source: Algoa FM