Shootout on N2 sees Hawks get their men

Five men have been fatally wounded during a shootout with Durban Hawks members on the N2 freeway between Port Shepstone and Shelly Beach earlier this week.

The Police were following up information about a dangerous group of armed robbers who were travelling in a vehicle from the Eastern Cape towards Durban.

The driver of the vehicle ignored warnings to stop; instead the occupants opened fire on the Police resulting in a high speed chase along the highway and a shootout.

Shortly afterwards, the suspects’ vehicle came to a standstill and all the five suspects were declared dead.

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The five suspects have been positively linked to two cases murder and robbery in Mpumalanga and Marian Hill (Durban).

One assault rifle (AK47) and two unlicensed 9mm pistols , several cell phones and an undisclosed amount of cash were confiscated.

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