Kabeljauws development gets the green light

The building of a multi-million development is set to start in all earnest in the near future.

This follows after the Eastern Cape Department of Economic Development, Environmental Affairs and Tourism gave the green light for the proposed mixed use development – the Kabeljauws Beach Housing Development – at the former Kabeljauws Caravan Park on October 24.

The owner, Pieter Nortje from the PJ Nortje Family Trust, bought the land from Braam Lamprecht in April 2014.

The estimated R118 million project will see 70 residential units rising from the ashes of the once popular caravan park frequented by both national and international tourists.

The development will consist of one mixed use erf for businesses and five residential units, including public toilet facilities and parking.

There will also be 29 sites for row houses consisting of 36 residential units, four sites for single residential dwellings made up of eight residential units, two sites for apartments with a total of 32 residential units, and sites to be zoned general residential and utilised as private open space.

Authorisation for basement parking and the two boardwalks proposed was denied by the Department. Furthermore, no direct vehicular access to Da Gama Road will be allowed.

All areas within the 10-metre setback line are to be zoned as private open spaces and are not to be part of any private erven.

The required water supply will be supplied by the existing water reticulation in the Kabeljauws residential area. No upgrading of the bulk water supply will be required.

Sanitation will be provided via a waterborne sewer network, which connects via the pumping station situated near the site. Sewage will be pumped to the existing Jeffreys Bay Water Treatment Works, which was recently upgraded.

Upgrading of the bulk storm water system will be required.

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“The approval of the mixed housing development at the former Kabeljous Caravan Park brings to a close a painful chapter of Jeffreys Bay’s history,”’ says Kouga Mayor Elza van Lingen.

“The ANC-led Council sold the park in 2006 against the wishes of the community.

Residents then had to watch the park go to ruin as no development could take place there due to the irregularities of the sale and the sensitivity of the area.

“No objections were received to the proposed new development. We are very pleased that this prime piece of land will now be developed in a manner that is acceptable to the community of Jeffreys Bay.

The development will also be a welcome boost to the local construction industry and help to create much-needed jobs.”

If a party intends to appeal this authorisation, notification as such must be done within 20 days of the authorisation.

Appeals must be directed to the Department of Economic Development, Environmental Affairs and Tourism; General Manager: Environmental Affairs; Private Bag X0054, Bhisho, 5605.

Source: Kouga Express