New surf leash makes surfing safer than ever before

Innovative surf leash and accessory start-up company Silver Cord is proud to announce the signing of a distribution agreement with Coreban Distribution

Silver Cord has developed an innovative new surf leash with a number of technical elements, designed to make it safer and stronger than regular leashes.

It has inner cord technology, an emergency bail safe device as well as three interchangeable components, namely the leash, the rail saver and the ankle cuff.

Components will be sold in packs or individually, and this will cut down on leash costs going forward.

The leashes are made from the highest quality material. The strength and stretch is the same as premier leashes on the market.

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The inner cord is only activated and functional once the normal functionality of the leash fails.

The interchangeable components will also be available in various colours, should a surfer wish to personalise their Silver Cord.

The product range includes surf leashes, SUP leashes and body board leashes.

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