The Nuclear Deal – an uncomfortable truth

The Nuclear Deal is not only an environmental issue, it’s about another type of nuclear bomb.

A bomb that will destruct the South African economy, ruining the future for generations to come.

It’s clear that the South African Government is planning a nuclear bomb for South Africa’s economic future. Let’s unpack the nuclear deal.

Energy Minister Joemat-Pettersson has said, “We will only implement what our country can afford. The process is above board and free from any potential for corruption.

We will not rush the process and will meet all the necessary national and international requirements for the new build process.”

Yet, the World Nuclear Association recently published that eight nuclear reactors have already been ordered for Thyspunt, an area between Cape St. Francis and Oyster Bay.

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The area is described as the Coastal Cradle of Humankind and is a popular tourist destination for locals and international visitors alike.

Do not be fooled that this deal is about job creation in South Africa. It is all about money, flowing offshore with more benefits for Russia than South Africa.

Watch the following video to find out the truth about the Nuclear Deal and the impact it will have on our country:

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