40 Policemen killed in South Africa

One policeman killed, is one too many.

South Africa’s policemen – and women are our front line against the criminal element in our country.

In the last financial year (2015/16), a total of 40 police officers died on duty nationally.

In the previous year (2014/15) the total was 73, of which ten officers were from the Eastern Cape.

Cop killers need to be hunted down with the full force of the law and brought to trial as speedily as possible so a clear message can be sent out that violence against the police will not be tolerated.

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“The DA appreciates the efforts of the thousands of police officers who put their bodies on the line every day to serve our communities in the province,” said Bobby Stevenson from the Democratic Alliance.

“Safe communities are strong communities and without a well-resourced and motivated police service, we will not win the war against crime,” added Stevenson.

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