Bricks thrown at motorcyclist on Aston Bay road

More incidents of violence have occurred along the Aston Bay road during the past week.

John Swanevelder, a resident of Aston Bay was thrown with bricks on two separate occasions.

The first incident took place around last Friday night.

“I was riding on my motor bike and just after the first speed bump heading into town after the traffic circle, I was thrown with three bricks, one hitting me on my right shoulder, one on my helmet and one in between my shoulders.

Luckily I am a big guy, so managed to stay on the bike and could ride out of the situation. The attack took place at 19.30,” said John.

The second incident took place on Monday evening at 22.30, in almost the same location along the Aston Bay road.

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“I was thrown with a big rock that hit me in my solar plexus. Again I managed to stay on the bike and gunned it to get out of there,” added Swanevelder.

Another motorist, who lives in Aston Bay had stones thrown at this car in the same zone, and it seems like the attackers are using the kloof to conceal themselves, as well as an escape route.

Residents are urged to be alert when using the road after dark.

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