Lack of vehicles hamper police

Police in Jeffreys Bay have a serious shortage of vehicles, reducing their ability to combat and probe crime effectively.

This shortage does not only reduce visible policing efforts aimed at limiting the opportunity to combat crime through police patrols, but it also undermines the response capacity of police and weakens investigative and detective work.

According to police Spokesperson, Captain Gerda Swart, the SAPS vehicles run on a non-stop basis, and “this does place a burden on the mechanical life of our vehicle fleet.

The Jeffreys Bay police station is currently experiencing a challenge relating to serviceable vehicles available to them, but it is receiving attention.

“The South African Police Service (SAPS) management is committed to ensure that their police stations are resourced in the best possible way to ensure good service delivery to their communities.

The allocation of resources, such as vehicles, is reviewed regularly to ensure that we meet the service requirements of each police station.”

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Questions with regard to how many running vehicles the members of the Jeffreys Bay Police Station have at their disposal and how many sectors they need to cover, remained unanswered.

Residents can express their concerns about this problem by phoning the Police National Hotline at 086 0010111.

Source: Kouga Express

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