Dolphin saved at Paradise Beach

The Paradise Beach community, together with the Jeffreys Bay NSRI, saved a stranded dolphin yesterday morning.

“We received a call from Greg Hofmeyer, from Bay World regarding a 2.5 meter dolphin that had beached itself at the Botha Street Beach slipway at Paradise Beach, Jeffreys Bay.

Greg requested the assistance of NSRI to take the dolphin that had stranded on the beach out to sea,” said NSRI station commander Rieghard Janse van Rensburg.

“The NSRI sea rescue craft Project Group Rescuer was launched at the Paradise Beach Slipway where members of the Paradise Beach Neighbourhood Watch were taking care of the dolphin under the guidance of Malcolm Logan of the  SA Stranding Network.

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“The dolphin was secured into a carrying canvass and moved 100 meters down the beach by local community members and members of SASN to where our sea rescue craft could safely beach and the dolphin was loaded onto the sea rescue craft and transported approximately 1 nautical mile out to sea and released.

The dolphin swam away strongly and we are cautiously optimistic that the dolphin has survived,” added Janse Van Rensburg.

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