The DA wins Kouga Municipality

The residents of Kouga have spoken and have given the DA a clear mandate to govern the Municipality for the next five years.

The DA won 17 of the seats in Council, with the ANC winning 12.

“We would like to thank all our voters for putting their trust into the DA and we will deliver over the next five years,” said Elza Van Lingen, who will become the next Mayor of Kouga.

The DA won 57,04 % of the vote with the ANC receiving 40,1%.

Voters very clearly remembered the damage the minority parties caused in 2011 when they split the vote and gifted the Municipality to the ANC.

Despite talk of possible coalitions building up to the election, not a single minority party could muster even 1 % of the vote.

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The DA won 8 Wards while the ANC won 6. On the Proportional Representation side, the DA won 9 seats while the ANC won a futher 6 seats.

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Surprisingly the DA even manged to win Ward 14, which includes Aston Bay, Marina Martinique and the sprawling township of Ocean View, previously thought to be an ANC stronghold.

“The sewage spills all over Kouga, roads that are riddled with potholes and informal settlements that have no basic services all need to be addressed in the short term to ensure a better life for all our residents, and to attract investors back into the area, considering Kouga has the third strongest economy after the two metros in the Eastern Cape.

Our assets like the JBay Winterfest will be supported to ensure tourists return to our towns and ensure growth in the tourism industry that will ultimately lead to more jobs being created” added Van Lingen.