Will 3 August bring change to Kouga?

While South Africa has made progress since 1994, there is growing discontent about the state of affairs at Municipal level across the country.

Protests and rioting is now about a lack of service delivery and no more about political change.

The 2016 Municipal election is all about basic service delivery and the opportunity to bring change is at the ballot box.

South Africans will get the government they voted for and never has this statement been more applicable to Kouga.

We had a chance to usher in a new era in 2011, but were stymied by minority parties claiming just enough votes to prevent the DA from gaining an additional seat in Council and by doing so, gifted the Kouga Municipality to the ANC.

However, one gets the sense that things are different in 2016.

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Sure the minority parties will still get a small percentage of the votes and still wont get a seat in Council, effectively becoming wasted votes.

But the mood of the residents is different this time round. People are tired of the empty promises that have been made for 22 years now. People are tired of the sewage spills and the pot holes and the wasteful expenditure incurred by the Municipality.

The residents of Kouga are ready to vote for change in 2016. They are ready for a new era of governance in Kouga.

Its time for change.

Photo: Robbie Irlam
Photo: Robbie Irlam