Hijacker shoots motorist on N2 near Jeffreys Bay

A suspected hijacker was arrested after checking himself into hospital for a gunshot wound – the same hospital where two of his victims were being treated.

The suspect was arrested after a crime spree that stretched across two provinces and left one man dead and a few people injured.

Just before midnight on Saturday evening, two armed suspects  hijacked a couple in Plettenberg Bay in the Western Cape.

The man and his girlfriend had stopped at a garage to drop off a passenger before making their way to George.

The two men accosted the driver and pointed a firearm at him, before one of the suspects got in the driver’s seat.

They made a U-turn and headed back towards the Eastern Cape with the man and his girlfriend still in the car.

Unfortunately for the hijackers, while they were driving near Thornhill,  they had an accident.

The hijacker drove the vehicle into the back of a bakkie being towed on the N2.

After the accident, the suspected hijackers fled into the bushes on foot.

They made their way to nearby tavern, where they asked for a lift from two men and a woman travelling in a gold Golf.

The suspects offered the occupants of the Golf R200 for a lift to the Loerie area.

At some point during the journey, the suspects revealed their firearms and demanded control of the vehicle.

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While one of the suspects was taking the wheel, the lady who was in the car jumped out and started running.

One of the suspects went after her and shot her in the leg before catching her and taking her back to the car.


When they arrived in Port Elizabeth, one of the two male victims tried to overpower one of the hijackers in a bid to get control of the gun.

While they were wrestling, the firearm went off and one of the two shots caught the suspect in the shoulder.

After the scuffle, the driver pulled over to the side of the road and fired several shots into the back of the vehicle, killing the man who had tried to overpower his accomplice.

Both suspects then fled the scene of the carnage. The surviving occupants of the vehicle were transported to hospital by the police.

When they arrived, they were met with an unlikely sight.

Inside the hospital, they managed to point out the suspect who had hijacked them.

He was injured while wrestling for the gun and also went to hospital. The same hospital as his victims.

The suspected hijacker was arrested by the police and will appear in court soon.