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Voting starts across South Africa today as the Electoral Commission of South Africa (IEC) has already launched the National Results Operations Centre in Pretoria.

According to the IEC, they have received over 740 000 special vote applications, which is three times the number of 2011.

Communities are encouraged to report any incidents of intimidation to the nearest police station. The Justice, Crime Prevention and Security Cluster has put measures in place to ensure the safety of voters during the elections.

About 100 000 police officers will be on election duty this week.

Over 50 000 police officers will be on duty at voting stations across the country, while the rest will be mobile so that they can respond to situations should they occur. Police will also be deployed to known hotspots.

Officers will also undertake duties such as escorting IEC officials, undertaking patrols, securing ballot papers and protecting electoral staff.

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The 2016 Municipal Elections are an opportunity for South Africans to have a direct say in who runs their community and ward.

The Councillors South Africans elect will serve on the town, city, metropolitan and district councils.

The IEC says it has 26 333 3535 million voters on the voters’ roll.

This is approximately 77 percent of the eligible voting population.

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