What a DA Government in Kouga will mean for Business and the Environment

The Democratic Alliance has invited environmentalists and the Business community to meet with Anton Bredell who will be visiting Jeffreys Bay on Tuesday 26 July at Mentors Kraal.

Bredell is the highly respected DA Western Cape Minister of Local Government,  Environmental Affairs and Development Planning.

Under his watch, many of the rural Municipalities in the Western Cape have transformed from being non functional under ANC rule, to well run and efficient entities that deliver services to their communities.

One such example is the Drakenstein Municipality (Paarl) which was taken over by the DA in the 2011 Election and in five years has become a model Municipality.

Bredell is on the forefront of protecting the Environment and is forward thinking in his approach.

“We have an abundance of potential sources of renewable energy. We need to develop our ability to use these to our benefit.

Our country needs to invest in skills, technology and institutional capacity required to support a competitive renewable energy sector as well as other innovative solutions.

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This begs the question: what can municipalities do to implement low carbon, resource-efficient and resilient infrastructure that will serve our citizens and ensure that we do not cause further harm to our natural environment?

Is it for example possible:

  • to implement renewable energy on large scale for households and business
  • to implement alternative sanitation options such as bio-digesters
  • to roll out rain water harvesting across all structures; and
  • to plan our settlements to be responsive to climate change adaptation, reduce disaster vulnerability and all other aspects of sustainability?” asked Bredell.

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Bredell will be meeting with the Business community at 11 am at Mentors Kraal on Tuesday 26 July .

He will then meet with Environmentalists at 2 pm, also at Mentors Kraal.

“All are welcome to attend and find out what a DA Government in Kouga will mean for you, said the DA Mayoral candidate Elza Van Lingen.

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