Council knows nothing about supposed Wavecrest housing project

Another public meeting was held in the Newton Hall yesterday about the supposed low cost housing project in Wavecrest.

In what can only be described as petty electioneering, the ANC candidate in Ward 8 (Wavecrest) attempted to tell Wavecrest residents that a low and medium cost housing development will take place on the open piece of ground opposite the NG Church.

However, the Kouga Council has never approved such a development, nor does it appear on the Kouga’s Integrated Development Plan (IDP).

“Questions were asked about who the developer is, the type of units, transport, property impact analysis and the target market,” said Ludwig Vorster, the Democratic Alliance candidate in Ward 8.

“Needless to say there were no answers forthcoming and this whole episode is just another reason why we must all go and vote for the DA on 3 August so that we can bring change to the Kouga and usher in good governance,” added Vorster.

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The Municipal election takes place on 3 August and will determine which political party will control Kouga for the next five years.

At present the ANC has 15 seats in Council, as opposed to the DA’s 14. Following the results of the 2014 National election, the DA is expected to win the Kouga this year.

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