Meet JBU Supertrial winner Steven Saywer

For the second time in three years Jeffreys Bay has a local surfer competing in the JBay Open.

Following Dylan Lightfoot’s winning the Supertrial in 2014, JBay born and bred Steven Saywer is the man all the locals will be supporting in this year’s JBay Open.

Lets meet Steven:


I am 21 years old

How long have you been surfing?

I started surfing when I was 9years old. I think it was November 2003

Favourite wave:

Angola/supertubes or the Point in JBay on my longboard

Best surf session ever:

Surfing Angola with no one around to hussle you, with 2km waves barrelling the whole way! Check out the video on YouTube “going left in Africa with Steven Sawyer”

Tell us about your music:

I started playing music soon after I started surfing, and love it just as much as my surfing.
I couldn’t choose one over the other. And they both complement each other so beautifully, I feel like the most fulfilled lighty ever! lol.

My music fully funds my surfing, I have no other means of income. And it’s been like that for about the past 2 1/2years. It’s rad that way, no tie downs and No one telling me what I HAVE to do

Favorite food:

My favorite food… has to be a decent leg of ham. Otherwise known as gammon with roast spuds

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Surfboards you riding:

Des Sawyer surfboards and my own surfboards, just carrying on with the Sawyer logo.
I swear my dad’s boards have to be the best boards in the world. I haven’t had a board from anyone else that can compare. But my boards will be better than my dads….Just wait n see 🙂

Steven Sawyer warming up for the JBay Open
Steven Sawyer warming up for the JBay Open

Your hero and why:

I would say my hero is Bobby Mcferrin, his composure and communicational skills are outstanding and his knowledge of music is unreal. Give his videos a watch and you’ll realize why

Best travel destination and why:

Angola, best fishing ever and by far the best waves with no one around!! Oh my hat. Nowhere better!

Favorite surfer:

John John Florence, Owen Wright’s backhand, Jordy Smith when he’s on form

Your thoughts about surfing the JBay Open?

I can’t believe I got a chance to surf in probably the world’s most prestigious event in right hand point breaks.
It’s my backyard, it’s my birth month, I grew up watching the main manne come surf the JBay Open forever and I’ve always wished I could surf those pumping waves !

Your surf crew?

The Jgay boys. Jokes, just a rubbish nickname for the crew. There’s just over a fistful of us that grew up surfing with and against each other here on the JBay shores.

Good luck for the JBay Open.

The only thing I got to say is hey, let’s just wait and see what happens. No predictions please, no forecast guesses – it’s the only way there will be no disappointment

Watch the JBay Open live here
Watch the event live here

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