Still no text books for JBay High School

With the first half of the school year coming to an end, the Grade 10 learners of the Jeffreys Bay Comprehensive High School have still not received their text books.

Despite assurances from the Department of Education in January this year that all text books would be delivered by middle February, the future generation of Jeffreys Bay residents are still not receiving an adequate education.

“Our children are being set up to fail and we cannot accept this,” says DA Mayoral candidate Elza Van Lingen, who uncovered the dire situation of the newly built High School when she did an oversight visit in January when the school year began.

The Department of Education, backed by certain media outlets claimed that there were no major pro-blems at the school and that everything would be resolved by middle February.

Yet, the Grade 10’s still have no text books and there are no English text books for the Grade 8 and 9’s.

There are still no library books in the library and no computers in the IT classroom.

Van Lingen has also confirmed that Phase 2 of the high school, which should have started being built in 2015, is not on the budget for at least the next two financial years.

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“This means that the school will run out of space by 2018 at the latest and children will be turned away as there is no space to accommodate them.

“This is a ticking time bomb just waiting to explode as there will be little opportunity for anybody who doesn’t have an education, yet it is clear that the Department of Education does not care and had little intention of living up to their promises that everything will be sorted out by mid February,” says Van Lingen.

The school still has no headmaster, with the appointed principal still on sick leave from November 2015.

Children who were not admitted to the Jeffreys Bay Comprehensive Highs School now have to find their own way to schools in Humansdorp, as the Department of Education no longer supplies transport since the local high school was built.

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