The JBU Supertrial is officially in its waiting period and all the surfers are anxiously watching the weather forecasts to see when the event will take place.

The stakes are high – the winner gets a wildcard entry into the JBay Open and the opportunity to surf against the best surfers in the world.

One surfer who needs no introduction to events at Supertubes is Sean Holmes. Second only to Jordy Smith, he has the best track record at the spot, consistently beating world champions and getting good results while competing as a wildcard. In fact, he was known as the best wildcard in the business for a while.

He is all about getting another wildcard this year, and hopes to get it via the JBU Supertrial presented by RVCA. We caught up with him to find out his prep work for the event is going.

People say that Supertubes needs specific boards to be ridden well. What are the most common mistakes people make with equipment selection for, say, a six-foot day at Supers?

I think a common mistake, which even I have made over the years, is too little volume. Volume is your friend and it’s always good to have that extra volume to get into waves early and carry you through turns. Supers is a long, clean drawn out wave and with a little more volume in your boards it just seems to require less effort.

A lot of surfing Supers is also rhythm and flow. Which one of the junior surfers impresses you with their approach to surfing Supers?

Unfortunately I haven’t had a chance to watch too many of the junior surfers out at Supers lately. Sometimes I feel the guys must let go of the structured approach to professional surfing and winning heats and rather just allow the wave to dictate your approach and style – try not to force turns in order to maximize the use of the wave.

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Supers also requires a good eye for wave selection. Which waves do you not go on, and why?

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Supers is such a long wave so it’s really hard to make a call on which ones will be better than others. When its good, every wave is a smoker!

Have you being doing any specific training for this event?

No specific training at all. Just need to focus on strengthening my core and the rest falls into place.

Where do you do most of your surfing in Cape Town?

Cape Town requires time, dedication and travel to score the good days. I surf all over the peninsula and up the west coast. There are some amazing spots and I love the rugged nature of coastline and surf conditions.

Do you have any pre-heat rituals?

Nothing in particular. I Just try to slow everything down and enjoy the moment.

As you get older, what do you find is the best way to keep the imagination firing while you are surfing?

I don’t think I’ve ever had a problem with imagination. I love the ocean, I love surfing and live in a world of imagination when I am in the ocean surfing, diving or fishing – a beautiful thing.

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