She knew this moment was not forever

She sang of the magic the whispers knew

As the calming melody on her skin

Grew like gentle moss covering her scares

Easing her pain

Welcoming the sun to comfort her soul again

As darkness fights for her silence

For the magic to stop

To leave her broken and exposed

For beauty to hate her

To drain her

To make her crumble

She knew this moment was not forever

Still she embraced it with her soul

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As her fairy tales came to life

Her body awakened and alive

Yet the sadness never left her eyes

As the voices told her to not get lost

In this moment that would break her

As this emotion forces er eyes to rest

Hoping this moment would stay

But the magic leaves as it lives in a moment of greatness

Her sorrow comes flooding back

She drowns in the memory of what could have been

If the voices haunting her soul didn’t have so much control

Elmien Finestone

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