Tomorrow you will shine

From the ashes you will rise like a beautiful maiden of light

Pure and whole no longer the soul who has lost control

But has found the one who has been waiting to glow

From the pain you will rise like the sun burning bright In the moments where the night is all you knew

You will now see the sunlight and watch the beauty move

From the brokenness you will rise like an angel ready to shine

The days that destroyed your soul will become a memory of once when you were not whole

Today you are breaking Today disaster knows your name Today the light has left you Today the sadness runs through your veins like it’s never left you

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But my friend tomorrow you will rise

Brokenness will slowly die

The light will find your skin and warm up your soul dying within

Tomorrow sadness will lose its meaning and purpose will take its place Tomorrow you will shine sweet angel…Tomorrow you will shine

Elmien Finestone

truewan Feb 2016

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