Still no text books for the JBay High School

The Grade 10 students at the newly built Jeffreys Bay High School has still not received their text books , despite claims from the Department of Education that all outstanding books will be at the school by Monday (15 February).

This undertaking was made by the Department of Education in January but they have missed their own deadline.
There are also no English text books for the Grade 8 and 9 students.

This was confirmed by the DA’s Shadow Minister for Education in the Eastern Cape, Edmund Van Vuuren, who visited the school earlier this week.

“The future of the children of Jeffreys Bay is at stake and we cannot allow the situation to continue,” said Van Vuuren.

“I will be escalating the matter to the Provincial Portfolio for Education in an effort to solve the problems facing the community of Jeffreys Bay,” added Van Vuuren.

It was also established that there are still no computers for the media room and also no library books for the school, despite claims to the contrary.

There is also no clear indication when Phase Two of the school will be built and it is a matter of time when the current facilities will be incapable of housing all the students at the school.

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There are also about 150 – 200 students who were not admitted to the High School this year whose education has come to a grinding halt, as the Department of Education is not transporting these students to schools in Humansdorp.

Administrative staff has still not received all their salaries, but are still committed to the school and go to work every day.

The only deadline met by the Department was the appointment of a deputy headmaster and two Heads of Department, who were all appointed at the end of January.

However, the school’s principal is still on special leave and has been since November 2015.

Source: Kouga Express

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