Motorists accosted on Aston Bay road

An attempt was made to force a young Jeffreys Bay woman to stop along the Aston Bay road after dropping off her boyfriend in Paradise Beach last week.

The incident took place in the evening, just past the turn off to Marina Martinique.

“I saw somthing in the road and I know there are often dogs and cattle in the area, but as I got closer I saw a man standing right in the middle of my lane and he motioned for me to stop.

I felt that something was not right and instead put my car into second gear and put my foot down on the accelerator and kept driving. When I got to about a meter away from him, he jumped to the side, into the lane of oncoming traffic,” said the woman, who name is known to JBay News.

Her ordeal was not yet over, as further down the Aston Bay Road, closer to the traffic circle, another man jumped into the road, from the left hand side.

He also indicated she should stop.

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“I got such a fright that I just drove faster and for some reason I even managed to blow the car’s hooter and somehow I missed him as the car sped past him.

I drove over the speed bumps without stopping and only calmed down when I got home.

My mom phoned the Police to tell them what happened and they said that someone else had phoned in 30 minutes earlier to report a similar incident,” she added.

Any incidents that take place on the Aston Bay road can be reported to [email protected] It does not matter if a criminal case was opened or not.

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