What is reflexology and why does it work

Reflexology is a natural healing process that enhanced the normal functioning of the body.

A short description is:

‘reflexology is pressure massage to the feet or hands in order to stimulate the reflex points and bring about a balance of the eight bodily systems in order for the body to work together in harmony and union and thus creating a feeling of well-being and optimum health.’

NATURAL means that Reflexology or zone therapy enhances the normal functioning of the body. It does this without creating any damage.

HEALING means that Reflexology’s effect is consistently observed to be beneficial to a person’s health.

Reflexology reduces physical, emotional and psychological stress and tension.

This reduction of stress and tension results in a greater degree of relaxation in the body and a consequent revitalization and rejuvenation of the functioning of the body.

Reflexology also increases the body’s awareness of itself. The combination of therapeutic relaxation and increased awareness facilitate movement toward optimal healthy functioning. In this sense Reflexology is healing.

PROCESS means that the application of Reflexology is most beneficial when the practitioner develops awareness of their intuitive senses and applies Reflexology in accordance with their intuitive senses for more effective results.

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The human body is completely reflected in the feet in a three-dimensional form, and a point on the foot which relates to an area of the body is called a reflex.

With the aid of a reflexology chart, quick reference to the various pressure points is found in the body.

By using a reflexology chart the practitioner is sure to locate the appropriate pressure point for the corresponding organ or system in the body that is needed to be stimulated or massaged back to health.


Reflexology Treatments in Jeffreys Bay:

Duration of session: 50 minutes

R 220

More more information or to book a session, visit: Jenny’s Healing Hands

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