St Francis Fire under control says Kouga Municipality

The fire in the St Francis Bay/Cape St Francis area is now under control, according to the Kouga Municipality.

“We had a couple of hotspots that we focused on this morning, particularly on the far western side of Rebelsrus. Choppers (including the SANDF ones) were deployed to water-bomb this area and the job has been effective,” said Mfundo Sobele from the Municipality.

“We still have the ground crews, one team focusing on the Rebelsrus area and the other on the side of the airfield. The teams are busy with mop up operations.

We still have choppers on standby in case of the unknown. Fire is unpredictable and we have to be ready for any eventuality. So we are not totally out of the woods yet,” added Sobele.

Photo: Clive Wright
Photo: Clive Wright

Words of Advice from Kouga Municipality:

1. We would like to advise residents, in particular of Cape St Francis, to cut vegetation (trees especially) that grows against the walls of their houses to prevent their homes from catching fire.

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This will also assist fire fighters with access around the house in case of fire breaking out.

2. We would like to urge farmers in the area to start creating good fire breaks on their properties to prevent a quick spread of fire during times of emergency.

The  Kouga Municipality ‘s Fire Department can be contacted for advice.

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