My eyes to finally see – by Elmien Finestone

As the day comes to a close
The sky slowly dies
I whisper into the open air my secret for no one to hear
My soul breathes peace
My heart feels the darkness release
My mind fights a battle it cant seem to win

Surrounded by the cold night air
Now making its way in everywhere
I wonder if there is anyone who really
Sees me through the windows of my soul
Broken by words
Crushed by moments
Shattered by lies

As my body births questions
My mind no longer knows
How does a life find its meaning
When its wings are forgotten
How does a heart beat
When its lost and cant be found
How does a soul breathe
When its to afraid to try

I stop as the stars sing to me
A melody I welcome
A song I become
Floating into the pure open air
I let go of all the troubles
I let down my hair

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As this moment invites
My soul to cry
My heart to bleed
And my eyes to finally see

Elmien Finestone


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