Fire at Cape St Francis – important update

The Cape St Francis Civic Association has issued the following important update:

With the predicted Westerly wind arriving on our doorstep during the night the following was done during the day to increase the CSF defensive line:

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  • A back burn at the entrance to the village. The back burn was then doused with water by the helicopter to wet the area as much as possible.
  • Fire Retardant Sprayers were provided to teams on site and more fire retardant was purchased.
  • The fire retardant was decanted into the correct quantities so sprayers can be filled quickly and easily.
  • The team from AC Witcher Saw Mills is here again to assist with preventative measures.
  • Bulldozers were brought in to push back the area around the back burn to prevent flare ups.
Photo: Chris Scott
Photo: Chris Scott
  • Two more firebreaks were made through the back and front of the Irma Booysen Reserve
  • Home owners living on the edge of the reserve were assisted in clearing fire breaks. They were also issued with fire retardant spray.
  • There are at present 50 fire fighters from the various authorities and Working on Fire on standby in the area to attend to flare ups and hot spots and to be ready when the westerly wind picks up.
  • The Grosvenor Generals – our by now “expert” bush wackers and fire fighters are on standby with another water bouzer to assist where and if required.
  • The Fire Fund that was established by the Cape St Francis Civic Association will be used to pay for the fire sprayers & fire retardant.
The Cape St Francis Fire Fighters. Photo: Chris Scott
The Cape St Francis Fire Fighters. Photo: Chris Scott
  • The Cape St Francis Resort assisted with the machinery for the fire breaks at great cost & yes although this will help the resort it will also help the rest of the village, so if at all possible the Civics will contribute towards this as well. We would also like to make a contribution towards the cost of the helicopter.
  • If in spite of all these precautions things start to go south during the night we will alert people timeously that they need to evacuate by sending out an sms and sending a vehicle with a siren through the area.
  • In the very unlikely event of an evacuation we will again use the Lighthouse as an assembly area.

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