Cape St Francis & St Francis Bay under threat from fire

The huge bush fire that began to burn yesterday afternoon on the Eskom property near Thyspunt, has crossed the R 330 and is threatening houses in St Francis Bay.

A strong westerly wind is fanning the flames, and is complicating attempts to fight the fire.

Residents in Cape St Francis have been cut off by the fire and have began to evacuate their homes and meet at the Cape St Francis lighthouse as a precautionary measure.

st francis bay fire 2
Helicopter with water trying to douse the St Francis Bay fire. Photo: Sarah-Jane Swanepoel

One resident remarked that the fire is way bigger than the fire a few years ago that burnt many houses to the ground in St Francis Bay.

The Kouga Fire Department has urged owners of wooden houses on edge of the reserve to clear bushy area around their houses especially where large growth is present.

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Some residents of St Francis Bay living near the airfield have already decided to rather evacuate their homes in case the fire spreads further.

Residents of Santareme are on standby in case the fire reaches that far into St Francis Bay.

Eskom has also advised that the electricity supply to Cape St Francis may be affected due to the fire under the power lines.

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