Increase in house robberies in Humansdorp

The Humansdorp Police are concerned about the increase in burglaries at residential homes in the area and they request the assistance of the community to be more vigilant and to assist in taking responsibility in safeguarding their property.

Burglaries are occurring mainly during the day, when occupants had already left for work.

The police have provided safety information and request the home owners to abide to the following:

*Install security gates at outside doors and keep them locked.
*Ensure that all your apertures are protected by quality security products.
*A good burglar alarm and deterrent security with armed response will help to protect
your property.
*Get involved in sector policing in your area and keep your neighbor’s contact numbers
*Don’t leave your garage, front or back door open or partially open – it serves as an
invitation to burglars.
*Make provision for good outside lighting. Remember: outside lights that are on during
the day draw the attention of thieves.
*A watchdog is a good early warning system. Keep it visible as a deterrent but beyond
the reach of strangers.
*Write down the serial numbers of all electronic equipment and keep it in a safe place.
*Store your firearm in a safe and keep proper control over the keys at all times.
*When going away on holiday or a weekend, inform your neighbours, or make
arrangements for your house to be watched and unusual activity to be noticed.

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What to do if your house has been broken into-

*Contact your nearest police station immediately.
*Wait until fingerprints and statements are taken before touching or replacing
anything. (Windows, etc.).
*Unless it is absolutely necessary, don’t allow private security companies to enter the
house or touch anything before the police have investigated the scene.
*Look out for strange footprints in the garden and point them out to the police.
*A list of the make, model and serial numbers of electrical appliances and other
valuable equipment should always be available for investigation purposes.

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SAPS urge the community to be more vigilant and to report suspicious characters or vehicles to their nearest police station.

Remember to write down the registration number of the vehicle, the colour and the make.
Anyone with information about crime are requested to contact their local police station in Humansdorp on 042 200 4717/18 or Crime Stop 08600 10111.

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