Widescale search for girl after hippo attack

Police have resumed a widescale search and rescue mission for a 5-year-old girl who went missing after she and several others were attacked by a hippopotamus while trying to enter the country illegally.

Limpopo police spokesperson Colonel Ronel Otto said despite previous searches, the young girl has not been found yet. She went missing on December 31.

Otto said the police’s search and rescue unit as well as the air wing were busy with search operations again this weekend.

On December 31, a group of 11 people, including the young girl attempted to enter the country illegally through the Limpopo River near the Beit Bridge border post with Zimbabwe.

The group was chased by a hippo. Some sustained slight injuries, while the girl went missing.

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On December 3, two men and a boy were killed when a hippo attacked a group of people also attempted to enter the country through the Limpopo River, near the Beit Bridge border.

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