Gauteng man rescued from the sea at Paradise Beach

A near drowning at Paradise beach was prevented by the Jeffreys Bay NSRI, who responded quickly to a call for help from a Gauteng visitor.

Just before lunchtime yesterday, the NSRI were alerted by a woman saying her husband was in difficulty at Paradise Beach, a suburb of Jeffreys Bay.

He was on a boogie board and was being swept out to sea. According to his wife, the man had an injury to one of his arms and she was concerned that he could not make it back to the beach.

The NSRI responded with their Discovery Rescue Runner, 4×4 rescue vehicle, while NSRI crew members who stay close to Paradise Beach went directly to the beach.

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They discovered the man was about 200 m from the beach and he was rescued onto the Discovery Rescue Runner and taken safely to shore.

The visitor was checked by NSRI medics and did not require any further assistance.


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