10 top things to do at the beach this summer

Jeffreys Bay is world renowned for its golden beaches and majestic sunsets. What are the things you must do this summer to make memories you will not forget?

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  1. Wake up early and watch the sun rise over the sea.
  2. Go shell collecting after watching the sun rise.
  3. Visit the Shell Museum and discover if you found any rare shells on the beach.
  4. Take a walk in the Seekoei Nature reserve and take the punt to the other side of the river.
  5. Book a surf lesson and learn how to surf.
  6. Always remember the sun block
  7. Swim the Marina Martinique Mile
  8. Go for a horse ride on the beach to the Gamtoos River
  9. Always listen to the lifesavers and swim between the flags.
  10. Should the weather get bad and waves start to cook, head down to Supertubes and watch the local surfers in action at the world’ s best right hand point break.
marina mile
Marina Martinique is regarded by swimmers as one of the best venues in the world: Dirk Erasmus

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