SA’s water woes due to poor management, infrastructure

At least 95% of South Africa’s water woes can be blamed on maladministration and poor infrastructure, the DA claimed on Monday.

The Churchill Dam Photo: Clive Wright
The Churchill Dam Photo: Clive Wright

“There is water available,” Leon Basson, who focuses on water issues for the party, said. “All the problems we have [are in] infrastructure,” he said.

Five provinces have been declared drought disaster zones.

Basson was speaking after the party submitted a Promotion of Access to Information application to the Department of Water and Sanitation for its Blue Drop and Green Drop reports for 2013/14, claiming this was the only route to information on what exactly the country faces, after previous requests were rebuffed.

The Blue Drop report gives insight into the country’s drinking water availability and infrastructure, and the Green Drop report sheds light on the country’s waste water systems.

The DA claimed both were in a parlous state and has given Minister of Water and Sanitation Nomvula Mokonyane 30 days to provide them with the reports and the Water Services Performance Assessment report.

“She should have released the report in June. She said she will do so in September and when it did not happen then we were told she would give it to the SA Local Government Association [Salga].”

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Basson said they were later told the report, which was supposed to be released every second year, was being “fine-tuned”.

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The DA also wanted a copy of the drought and water plan presented to Parliament’s committee on water and sanitation last week.

Copies were not immediately available because of the National Education Health and Allied Workers’ strike as committee papers are usually printed and distributed by assistants.

He said they had been told that the water plan would be available in March next year, but this was too long to wait.

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