Kouga Municipality calls off search for Patensie Meteorite

The search for the meteorite that was thought to have struck earth near Patensie has officially been cancelled by the Kouga Municipality.

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Here is the full statement:

The municipality has officially called off its search on a possible meteorite that was said to have landed in  the area of Cambria near Patensie on Sunday night.

We have heard may personal accounts of the residents in the area, and elsewhere in other Kouga towns, who saw a fireball-like object going down in the mountainous area of Cambria and which resulted in a bang that caused rattles to houses.

We started our search on Monday, assisted by the SAPS, a team from the Baviaanskloof Nature Reserve and teachers from the Cockscomb Primary School.

The municipal team went out again on Wednesday, interviewing more residents including those we were referred to by our media friends. We still could not get an indication of where the object might have fallen. Even the ones who were said to have seen metallic objects could not stand for that word.

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No reports were filed with the police and our control room with regards to such metallic objects. We can actually confirm that since Sunday there were no reported incidents linked to the ‘fireball’, with the police or to ourselves as the municipality.

We are calling off the search because we feel we have exhausted all options and within the resources that we have, human and vehicular. Our pleasure rests with knowing that no human being or property was hurt or at least reported to be hurt.

To this end, we can only assume that the said object could have fallen in no-man’s land.

We would like to encourage anyone who may run across the object or parts of it to contact our emergency/control room on 042 291 0250 or the Patensie police station on 042 283 8429.