Western Cape needs to be freed says minister of energy

South Africa’s freedom will only be complete once the Western Cape has been freed from the opposition.

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This is according to Energy Minister Tina Joemat-Pettersson, who was one of the main speakers at the Western Cape ANC Provincial General Council.

The Western Cape is the only province ruled by the opposition in the country, and this means the struggle for liberation is incomplete, the ANC National Executive Committee member believes.

“Our freedom will only be complete if the Western Cape is free.

And right now, the Western Cape does not have political freedom. It does not have racial equality. It does not have gender equality. There is very little equality, there is very little ownership of the means of production.

And because we know that workers in the Western Cape are more oppressed that in other provinces, we have decided to have a special focus on this province.

She said there had been an increase in the level of inroads made by the enemy into their territory.

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“And every local government you see this increase the enemy is making. It’s very difficult to go and recapture the territory once it’s lost.”

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The provincial PGC, held on Friday and Saturday, was in preparation for the ANC National General Council taking place between October 8 and 11 in Johannesburg.

She cited leaders who were hungry for power, at the expense of the growth of the province as one of the reasons for the lack of liberation in the Western Cape.

“And that is why we cannot count the Western Cape right now as a liberated province, because branches are being held hostage and captive, not by capital, but by individuals who are now ensuring they occupy leadership positions.”

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